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The Last Refuge

Director: Guillaume Suon & Anne-Laure Pore

Documentary / 65 / 2013
Production: Bophana Production / Bophana Center / Tipasa Production
With the support of: 15th Screenplay Development Fund - Amiens International Film Festival / Fonds francophone de production audiovisuelle du Sud / Cambodia Film Commission
Festivals: Lincoln Center (NYC, USA)

This is the story of resistance and of free men.
The Last Refuge belongs to the daily life of the last "free" Bunongs, to their noble and peaceful struggle to preserve their souls and their identity.
The film follows the resistance of this minority people, who have been living for centuries of the hills of eastern Cambodia, confronting alienations and annihilation by foreign companies who steal their lands, clear their sacred forests and their traditional cemeteries in order to cultivate rubber plants.
In early 2010, a group of "resistants" take refuge on the land of their ancestors in the heart of the forest. In a few months, they recreate a field out of respect for traditional Bunong values.
Their last refuge...

Red Wedding

Director: Lida Chan & Guillaume Suon

Documentary / 58 / 2012
Production: Bophana Production / Bophana Center / Tipasa Production
With the support of: GIZ / Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program/ Fonds francophone de production audiovisuelle du Sud / IDFA Fund / Alter-Cin Foundation / Worldview / Cambodia Film Commission
Festivals: IDFA (Amsterdam) Best Mid-Length Documentary / DocHouse 2013 (London) / FIFDH (Geneva) / Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival (Doha) Golden Award / Lincoln Center (NYC, USA) / Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (Melbourne) / Gdansk DocFilm Festival (Poland) Jury Prize / Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival (Yangon, Burma) Special Jury Prize / DHFEST (Mexico) / DH Festival (Barcelona) / Mumbai Film Festival / DocLisboa / RIDM (Montreal) / This Human World (Austria) / Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Sochan was 16 when the Khmer Rouge forced her to marry one of their soldiers. After 30 years of silence, she decided to file a complaint to the Khmer Rouge tribunal.
Red Wedding follows the journey of a survivor who pits her humanity against an ideology and a system designed to annihilate people like her.

Where I Go

Director: Neang Kavich

Documentary / 55 / 2012
Production: Bophana Production / Bophana Center / Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinema
With the support of: DocNet Southeast Asia / Cambodia Film Commission
Festivals: Vesoul Film Festival of Asian Cinema (France) / Lincoln Center (NYC, USA) / IDFA (Amsterdam, NL)

Synopsis :
San Pattica is a mixed Cambodian-Cameroonian son whose father came to work in Cambodia in 1992-1993, a period of the first Cambodia election after the Khmer Rouge regime collapsed. Since his parents left home for many years, Pattica was raised by his grandmother. Challenge and difficulty in his family forced his grandmother to bring Pattica to study and live in an orphanage in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Pattica has become more interested in knowing about his own identity since he is a victim of discrimination in his daily life.

About My Father

Director: Guillaume Suon

Documentary / 52 / 2010
Production: Bophana Center / Bophana Production
With the support of: Foundation Open Society Institute
Festivals: FIPA Biarritz (France) / Amiens International Film Festival (France) / Cannes Festival - World Cinema Delegation / Doc in Tunis / London International Documentary Festival (LIDF) / FEMI (France) - Jury award / FICIP (Argentina) - Special Jury Award / AIBD World TV Awards - Runner-up

Synopsis :
The film follows the journey of a civil party in the trial of Khmer Rouge cadre, Duch.
For several years, Phung-Guth Sunthary had commenced an investigation into the death of her father, imprisoned and executed at the S21 security center in 1977.
Between 1975 and 1979, at least 16,000 people have been tortured and executed in this secret prison that was managed by the accused.
Through the eyes of Sunthary, the challenges of a major trial of the century are revealed.

The Hermit & The Tiger

Director: Roeun Narith

Short feature / 32 / 2010
Production: Bophana Center / Bophana Production
With the support of: United States Department of State

Synopsis :
Sir Tiger and a hermit are brought into a legal conflict.
Tiger accuses the old man to have awakened him, while the latter just saved his life. Unable to agree, the tiger threatens to eat the hermit.
Both parties then travel from court to court, arguing their case successively with Sir Wolf, Sir Ox, Sir Monkey ... looking for an impartial trial.

The Two Neighbors

Director: Roeun Narith

Short feature / 25 / 2008
Production: Bophana Center / Bophana Production
With the support of: UNESCO

Synopsis :
Chan and Sok are two hunters neighbors.
They were friends until Sok steals Chans game.
The two hunters bring their case to the judge Parrot, who finds in favour of Sok.
Helped by the monkeys herd and Sir Hare, Chan will do everything to bring out the truth.

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