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Documentary Film Festival

Arte Festival
Cross views between Cambodia and the West, this Documentary Film Festival is the first event of this kind in Phnom Penh. Put on by the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center, in partnership with European television station ARTE, the Festival aims at showing to Cambodian people quality films, dubbed in Khmer, featuring various themes: History, Legends, Handicap and Environment.

From October 16 to November 3, the Bophana Center offers customized showings to students and NGOs.

Program 1 :
The Ox that eats Snakes, 2001 (41’)
Dragons’ museum, 2004 (51’)

Program 2 :
Community Forests, 2006 (12’) AND Beauty of Popok Vil, 1960’s (17’)
Trees, 2001 (50’)

Program 3 :
Man and environment: series of short documentaries about Cambodia (20’)
The Nice Sea Otter, 2004 (43’)

Program 4 :
Thailand: a borderline case, 1989 (37’)
Seeing without eyes, 2004 (88’)

Program 5 :
Angkor, the Stone Forest, 2002 (52’)
Akhetaton, 1350 BC, 2005 (50’)

Tuesday to Friday, morning and afternoon and Saturday afternoon (except October 27, Open House for the World Audiovisual Day)

Reservation: Duong Sokha, tel : 092 605 127, email : sokha.duong@bophana.org

From October 30 to November 3, the Festival is also open to the general public:
Program 1 : October 30, 6pm
Program 2 : October 31, 6pm
Program 3 : November 1, 6pm
Program 4 : November 2, 6pm
Program 5 : November 3, 2.30 pm

Following by the Festival at French Cultural Center, from November 3 -30, 2007
(The program is available on www.ccf-cambodge.org)


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